Many models feature this huge basement storage area. It's one of the largest in the industry and features insulated access doors on three sides, anti slip carpeting and bright lighting.

Dcp00601.jpg (205129 bytes)

view from front 31-5T, 31-5G, 32-5V & 35-5U

Dcp00602.jpg (215613 bytes)

view from side 31-5G, 31-5T, 32-5V & 35-5U

Dcp00607.jpg (209629 bytes)

view from front 27-5A, 28-5Z & 29-5Y

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view from passenger side 27-5A, 28-5Z & 29-5Y

Dcp00608.jpg (283936 bytes)

view from drivers side 27-5A, 28-5Z & 29-5Y